Railway Open Day

A very successful open day took place last weekend on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September 2019. As part of ‘Bristol’s Doors Open Days’.

This particular weekend allows a once-a-year chance to look behind closed doors and discover the city’s hidden treasures.

You can explore fascinating buildings, join guided tours and enjoy a range of events and activities – all for free, and the Railway was part of it this year.

The open day was run by the Rocks Railway Trust, who have been looking after the site. The volunteers from the trust are amongst those who orchestrated the clean up of the Railway.

The open day attracted over 700 visitors to the site across the weekend.

Visitors arrived by bus and were shown into the Museum and allowed down into the bunkers.

Maggie Shapland and the committee team gave a wonderful insight to the History of the Railway.

This has made us even more excited for the future of The Rocks Railway. Watch this space for future developments and announcements.

Any questions, please do get in touch!

11 thoughts on “Railway Open Day

    1. Hi Jon, thanks for your question. We are planning to renovate Clifton Rocks Railway before it reopens. So we do expect that it will be open again in the future.

  1. Is there any hope that the railway will be open to the public soon?
    Born in Sion Hill, I remember going up & down it before the war and would love to see it again.
    Many thanks.
    David Trapnell

    1. Hi David, thank you for your message. We are indeed hoping that this site will once again be open to the public, after some imnportant renovation work has been completed.

  2. Hi a group of 6 are coming next weekend, 24/25th June 2023, is there any chance of seeing inside the station?

    1. Hi Tracy, thanks for your query but I’m afraid the station is still closed to the public at this time.
      Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

      1. You responded above that it will open in the future but not provided an idea of the timescale.

        Could this be within the next 1/2/3…5…10 years please? Just to give us an idea


        1. Hi James, thanks you for your comment. I’m in the process of trying to find out a timescale for you. I will post back here once I know more.
          Most of our current renovations have been currently focused on restoring Armada House in Bristol recently.

        2. Hi James, further to my last reply, we are unable to give any certainty of completion due to the complexity of the renovation process. It would be unfair for me to provide you with any kind of timescale which could potentially end up being wildly inaccurate. Whilst I appreciate that some visitors will be frustrated by this, the restoration of this heritage site is not likely to be a quick process.

  3. Hi David,
    Are you going to have another Open Day this September? I completely missed the one in 2019 and would love to visit.
    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Cheryl, sorry nothing on the horizon just yet! It’s likely that when the station does reopen we will announce it on this website so it’s just a case of checking back here every once and a while. In the meantime, we do have other venues that you can visit in Bristol if you are looking for a fun day out. Please see this link here for our other venues: Visit Bristol Venues

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